There’s nothing like canned tomato soup with buttered crumpets

Greetings Chookens and Roosterlets

As I write, the wind is up and blustering, the rain is coming down so, it’s time to huddle and take up without the glorious distraction of a warm sun toasting your back while you sit and read and enjoy the play around you that is the colours of autumn. Your pens, paints, pencils, needles, fabrics and various tools are smug: their time has come!



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Buy the bread – keep a baker employed. Abandon soup-making – there’s nothing like canned tomato soup with buttered crumpets in front of the Teev anyway. Direct your beloveds towards the cupboards – they will manage. Your art and craft practise is now happily top of house. Carpe diem! You know you want to!


Gallery Updates


We are easing back into full swing

Many of the sessions are up and away but not all. Larger groups require bookings for places. Your arithmetic lesson is:

10 – Sanya (if she is in situ) – Co-ordinator/tutor = 8. If your usual group has more than 8/9 possible participants then it is best to book.

The most democratic flamboyant to emerge from the former Jugoslavia is trying to give everyone an equal turn by rotating places so please call Sanya at the Gallery – 82724504 – and she will be as fair as possible until we are back on board (apologies for the mixed metaphors.)

If you are desperate for art and company the Open Studio on Wednesday is now available to all-comers (number restrictions still apply though). There are 2 sessions (10 – 1.00pm followed by 1.00 – 3.00pm) at $8.00/session. Bring yourself and your materials and take a seat. This week Gerry finished off the afternoon session with some dancing for all of us – well, she did most of it and we applauded!

Gerry’s exercise video featured on week before last and she is currently working on a new one. It is vital for art and craft practitioners to stay limber, with muscles relaxed and fit when you are ‘working’.  Absolute focus sometimes robs you of the concept of time and before you know it  you have been locked into a limited position for too long. Follow Gerry’s moves and it will help your body stay practices fit.

ps – it is probable you won’t look as good as Gerry does as you flit about the room, but then, nobody does! Don’t look at yourself and you won’t notice.


The Book Worm

‘Into The Night’, by Sarah Bailey

An Australian Crime Fiction


I started book 1 and couldn’t get into it so I have not yet finished this week’s novel. You will have realised by now I am not into non-fiction and yes, I do start duds and also have moods about what I am reading. (It took me 3 tries at Catch 22 and on the 3rd go I fell in love with it and couldn’t put it down.)

This week’s read is hardly as cerebral but it’s OK as a footwarmer under the blankets when it’s cold at night. ‘Into The Night’, by Sarah Bailey is Australian crime fiction which the front cover promises is “Absolutely perfect”. I wouldn’t go quite that far as I am really annoyed by the murder victim – not sure anyone could ever be that wonderful. Halfway through I haven’t figured out dunnit yet so that is a good sign.


The Irish Corner

Featuring the long awaited ditty from Con


But first, an apology from last week: Colleen Duffy rang to inform me that the limerick about Ella, in fact, was not written by her but by an un-named friend of Ella’s. Apologies to Ella’s un-named friend!


There once was a man who was quite rude,

who oft made comments that were quite lewd.

He married a lass

who was quite crass

and now he’s considered a prude.

– Con Polychronis



A young lad from Kent

skipped wherever he went.

Uphill and down dale

looking increasingly pale

his energy was obviously spent.

– another one from Shakespeare Milne!


Craft with Lianne Gould

How to make a Tassel


Play the Video or watch it on YouTube


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