Our artists come from a vast variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Please find below some examples of our work.


Aleksandra Kucanski-Durmanovic

Aleksandra is an accomplished fine artist and currently produces works mostly in the mediums of oil and watercolour, based on portraits and genre scenes where the human figure dominates. She is particularly inspired by Paris, its people, and its streetscapes.

Andrew Barr

“Science and Art have been my passion for many years.” Andrew Barr is a landscape painter and illustrator, capturing images from remote areas around South Australia.

JA Arnott

JA Arnott I am practising artist with my own studio specialising in imaginative realism, as well as realistic portraiture. I create works specifically for exhibitions with a theme but also my own imaginative works. In all of my works I complete a simple contour line in graphite to work from initially.  Quite often I will […]

Linda Schofield

As a volunteer, member and committee member at Gallery One I participate in a lively environment where the common thread linking us all is that we are artists and crafts people. We are all different ages and from various cultural backgrounds who create and exhibit together. None of this would happen without the efforts of our Manager and volunteers who assist with the management of the Gallery.

Liz Powley

Ever inspired by the Australian environment, Liz Powley seeks to explore the small, the colourful and the hidden. Using traditional to slightly insane techniques, she will take you on an adventure to explore the capabilities of art materials and the distant limits of colour theory.

Lorraine Brown

Lorraine Brown Lorraine Brown has always felt a connection with the art of watercolour. The mediums ability to create unique and unexpected results, its risk and surprise, were special and attractive qualities to the artist; who found risk and surprise at every turn in her creative and professional life. In 2011 Lorraine took part in […]

Margaret Slape-Phillips

Margaret Slape-Phillips My art is a lifetime vocation and journey from early childhood where my passion began by  illustrating my own stories and books.     There is no finality when it comes to creativity and perfecting skills and techniques.  I believe it to be  a quiet, joyful and often deeply personal path of  discovery requiring much […]

Rajpal Kaur Dayan

Rajpal Kaur Dayan. Malaysian-born of Northern Indian heritage from the City of Ipoh, Perak, West Malaysia. Emigrated with my family to Australia in 1989, and now a proud Australian. Attended Marian Convent and Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus in my hometown. Art certificates achieved through the Lower Certificate of Education in 1983 and the […]

Syd La Faber

‘I realised from an early age that as a south east kid from back blocks I wasn’t going to make it as the ‘next James Dean’. Decided to pursue an artistic career in the thriving metropolis of Kingston-upon-Hull.

Wende Dahl

Wende Dahl started drawing and painting figures and people in her teens at school then rediscovered that same passion for drawing life figures some 40 years later. “I work as much as I can from life: figures, flowers, landscape, still life. I like to be able to reach out to touch my subject.”