Masked strangers are now thoughtful and caring

Greetings fellow island dwellers

Were you scared? Were you worried? Did the sands move beneath your toes and make you topple for balance when first you tested those welcome tides of freedom?


So, we are out and about, although not even air kissing but there is loo paper, pasta and sanitiser aplenty while the phrase, ‘Keep your distance,’ has taken on a rosy glow and masked strangers are now thoughtful and caring.  Have you noticed your car is social distancing as well?



Last Monday

First cabs off the rank, Life Drawing and the Monday Quilting Group resumed at Gallery One. It was so good to see friendly faces again and to hear the music of voices that were non mechanical/non-digital.

We had conversations together (but were very well behaved) and everyone observed the distancing etiquette. In the beginning there was a slight sense of, “is this really OK’, but as the morning progressed we all gained confidence that it would work and laughter and chattering began to fill the Gallery after so many months of silence.

Some further classes resumed during the week, notably Wednesday’s Open Studio participants who were beside themselves with joy to be back in situ.




The hugest thank you to the disinfectant queen (aka Sanya), who is building mighty, big muscles and training for the Sanitiser Olympics next year in Tokyo while ensuring the Gallery space is as clean as it can be.


Art Space

‘Critters of the Sea”, by Roy Spraakman


This week’s video is about photography: a very specialised form of underwater photography which is mesmerising in its beauty and difference.  ‘Critters of the Sea”, by Roy Spraakman is stunning: please don’t miss it. The astonishing colours and dances of these extraordinary creatures are truly delightful.

What’s the name of that proposed mine which is going to affect the Great Barrier Reef? ( I won’t get political.) Sanya tells me some of these life forms are actually only 5mm in length and Roy doesn’t really know what he has captured ‘on film’ until he begins to enlarge.


Play the video or watch it on YouTube


This video contains underwater photography images from Indonesia and South Australia.

All the Wide Angle reef and coral head images are from Indonesia. The critters and small corals are from both areas and a good indication of the quality of life in our local waters. The video consists of Macro, Super Macro and Wide Angle shots. The Macro and Super Macro subjects, in the main are critters but can be corals as well. A Macro image subject is approx. 40mm + in size.

A Super Macro image subject can be down to 3-5mm in actual size. Usually the bokeh and detail around the subject indicate the Super Macro shots. With Super Macro the focal length can be as little as 1-2mm, requiring manual movement of the camera to attain focus.

Some subjects by their nature make them difficult to photograph in a fluid marine environment.

The image which follows the diver in the cave about 9 minutes into the video is of an anemone (about 50mm across) resident about 25 metres inside that cave, growing in zero light conditions.


Hopefully these images will assist in understanding our marine environment for those who can’t venture down there.

– Roy Spraakman


The Book Worm

When the Women Come Out to Dance by Elmore Leonard


We discovered some people have used the time in isolation to immerse themselves in their art and craftwork while others have not been motivated. My garden has seen a lot of work but my studio is pretty dusty – however, you all know I have been reading at least 1 book/week to pass on to you. Really!!!

Having discovered last week that I like American lit (pity about the president ) I thought I would hit pages from the USA again and have indulged in an Elmore Leonard collection of short stories, ‘When the Women Come Out to Dance.’ Great title, but don’t be misled. This is not chick lit but gritty, salt of the earth characters and tales – boys too will like.


Judy Perkins sent in her list of 5 books

Many thanks Judy and hope to see you back at Life Drawing soon.

Nora Webster by Colm Tobin – He is a terrific writer.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson – I have ‘Case Histories’ in my waiting pile.

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry – vast, compassionate. About hope and joy.

At Risk by Stella Rimmington – former head of MI5.  Believable stories & characters

The Idea of Perfection by Kate Grenville – the only Australian author, so far!



they’re back…………………


A crooked old man from Kent

Whose back was decidedly bent.

He climbed a great mound

Feeling only the ground

Unable to see where he went

– David Milne


There once was a girl called Ella

her talents were really quite stellar

She has very long legs

Eats toast with her eggs

and I am glad that I have my friend Ella

– Colleen Duffy

ps – someone sent me a limerick about his wife which was really very good. I can’t find it. Can you resend for me to print please????


Photo Credits  – man in the Guy Fawkes mask  stack of books for bookworm  life drawing