Gallery One SALA 2020

Gallery One Collective

16 Gallery One artists are contemplating on the theme: TIMOLOGY

Timology is “A study or theory of value or excellence, especially of inherent rather than relative value.”


So, what are your values in general?

How important or useful value is?

Do we need to set up new values in our modern society?


Value is found in what we are willing to give in exchange for something. Do we have enough time in today’s world to do that? Are we too busy in looking after and at ourselves (narcissism)?


In art what is your value in relation to colour, light and shade?

What about loosing our values? What does that mean to us as a community? – Gerard Mignot


NOTE: You can view these exhibits Full Screen by clicking the broken square button at the player controls. Or visit us at 1 Torrens Road Mitcham SA 5062