Fly Swatting

Good morning everybody – Week 3

This week I worked at reviving the ancient and hitherto lost martial art of fly swatting. The sport lost favour during the Pea Beau/Mortein era but, in recent times, there has been a call to bring it back. Supermarkets (last time I looked) are stocking swats.

The beauty of this sport is that it can be played alone or with as many other team members as you can muster. It’s non-sectarian, no gender bias, no age limit at either end, social status and affordability irrelevant  – fun for all the family! Everything  depends on the amount of quarry on hand and a good eye. Best score so far: 3 x 1 swat. Two together, so to speak, doing you know what and 1 outrider. Oh the joy! If I was young I would film this activity for you. Fortunately for you this won’t happen! However, it’s a YouTube waiting – encourage your young ones to exercise and show us how it’s done!

TopTip: approach quarry with swat well raised. They never see it coming!

Felting masks

Judy Styles, (aka la felta stupenda!) and Sanya Saint Laurenta (la designa suprema) have collaborated to bring exclusively to you…..

the complete GOTCHA moment concept of the felted mask. Well, I was ‘gotten’ anyway!!!!

Sanya tirelessly researched the fabric design concept and Judy has put together the making instructions and some helpful tips. This design is bug proof. Who needs to look medicinal when you are, in a limited way of course, out and about? This mask is your opportunity palette: diamontes, bows anyone? Make a statement!

Tutors on Facebook

Is available for everyone to stay informed and comforted and connected in these dislocated times. All Gallery One tutors are involved and are staying connected with you in this way. I hope the teddies are all doing ok – we miss their cheery little faces and cuddly furry bodies!

We are all reading more than usual

My latest couldn’t put it down in the Crime genre is Gary Disher’s “Peace”.  Lots of grit, good characters, social issues, a relationship, set in SA. An Australian author well worth following. I am also ploughing my way through Hilary Mantel’s, : The Mirror & the Light. If you are unfamiliar with this writer this is the final book in the 3 book series  dealing with the life of Thomas Cromwell. At 700+ pages it’s a big read. Historical fiction although largely historically correct.

Reading a book

Please send (email) your book suggestions to with a very brief summary and we will pass on your recommendations.

It’s a funny thing this social isolation

I have now spoken to 5 relatively active artists. Although the climate would seem to be perfect for the creating of masterpieces none of us have touched a pencil or paintbrush. If you are reacting the same way you are in good company. Stay healthy, stay happy and wise.

Mixing paint

Around the world

Many people are making home made face masks and while these are not as efficient as surgical masks they do provide some protection. Some experts are recommending that a face mask be worn when we go out of the house and of course if you do this it can only be worn once & then washed in hot soapy water, similar to handwashing.

There are many sites on the internet with instructions for making the masks and some good YouTube videos which clearly explain how to construct them. A couple of such sites below

a pattern and instructions is available at


There are several different ways in which the masks are constructed. The material requirements for the one pictured below are all bits & pieces which you probably have in your house.

You need 2 pieces of tightly woven cotton fabric approx 12 inches x 16 inches (30cm x 46cm) i.e.patchwork fabric, sheeting or even a tea towel.

1.2 metres of tape, bias binding or ribbon  or could use elastic 2 pieces by 7 inches(18cms)

1 piece of wire approximately 10 inches (26cms) – could use pipe cleaner

The sewing instructions are very simple – so have a go and keep safe.