Autumn is my favourite Adelaide season

Greetings Gardenians

For perhaps the most wondrous works of art are collaborations between gardeners & nature or when nature wings it, exquisitely alone. Artists are inherently connected to nature – the very tools of art derive from the earth and plants: dyes, stains, colours, textures, brush, pencil. Weavers, painters, embroiderers, carpet makers all embrace nature’s bounty to enable interpretation.


And so autumn, with brass and amber, gold and ruby crimsons, silvers, russet, the most dense of greens and browns is arrived to capture and thrill our senses. Autumn is my favourite Adelaide season. It brings a sense of slowing, of peace and release. The joy of rain or rain to come.


In these times of avalanche media, ironically, we are encouraged to experience mindfulness, so for the lessons of art this week and as the city begins to emerge from weeks of solitude, let’s go into the gardens and let the wonder of what surrounds us seep into and ease our souls. Touch, smell, kick away the falling leaves of the season. Take these sensations to your art/craft and connect.


Huge news for Gallery attendees

We counted the lollies in the lolly bottle COMPETITION and the winner is: KAY SCHULTZ


A very Long Book Worm


Over the last few weeks I have seen images of the covers of single books appearing on Facebook messages. The covers are of books people have rated as the best 10 books they have ever read. They post 1 book cover/week. No-one has asked me (eldest child humph here- no, it never goes away!) but I thought we could print lists of books which readers of this column have enjoyed and which have stayed with them. A limit of 5 books posted to & we will print your suggestions. It is a good way to get recommendations for indulgent winter reading.

The list below is mine. I simply thought of the first 5 titles that came to mind. I surprised myself to see my preference is apparently for American writing.

E Annie ProulxThat Ole Ace in the Whole (short stories) : Anything by Annie P. really

James Lee BourkeIn The Electric Mist With The Confederate Dead : Moody, evocative

Gerald DurrellMy Family and Other Animals : laughed til I cried

Raymond ChandlerOmnibus: 1, 2 & 3 : crime genre master

Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby : how I would write if I could

Readings: fans of Sci Fi may like to immerse themselves in the Liaden Universe series written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. It’s Mills and Boone for sci fi! Requires little thought, there’s romance, alluded sex, battles, space ships/travel, aliens and mind connections between the elite (of course!) There are maybe 8 books (so far). The last one I read was “Mouse and Dragon”.


The Irish influence – limericks!

I am going to publish them all a few at a time. So, in no particular order Nos 1 & 2 are:


Cymbidium plants are now spiking

which growers are very much liking

make it one of your chores

to go and check yours

before the snails and slugs begin biting. – S Hollands


There was a fine lady of China

whose gowns were elegantly finer

with exquisite taste

and jewels of paste

she dined at the local fast food diner. – D. Milne


Video of the Week

Get Fit – Dance with Gerry Hall


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