Autumn is my favourite Adelaide season

Greetings Gardenians For perhaps the most wondrous works of art are collaborations between gardeners & nature or when nature wings it, exquisitely alone. Artists are inherently connected to nature – the very tools of art derive from the earth and plants: dyes, stains, colours, textures, brush, pencil. Weavers, painters, embroiderers, carpet makers all embrace nature’s […]

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The Art of Assemblage

Greetings Planetarians, Our thoughts this week centre on The USA and their unfortunate circumstances. (hand on heart, I will not mention politics) Front line workers world over face a terrible situation and have shown courage and tenacity, humanity and professionalism throughout this crisis. Currently, those workers in New York seem especially burdened and need our […]

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Greetings Earthlings

Week 5 – Diary, an anchor during the day This week, shall we talk about diaries? We live in important historic times: everything is different now. Once, I heard my grandparents mention Spanish Flu but they never spoke of it in detail, described what it was like, who died, who was ill, how much information […]

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Glorious Autumn Weather

Greetings All – Week 4 First, a complaint Such glorious autumn weather. It’s simply too hard to believe in COVID19 when the sky is blue, the clouds wisp and the wind soughs and plays along with the birds through the trees.  Our surrounds ought to be objectively correlative (I did 3 years of university to […]

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The Fly

Fly Swatting

Good morning everybody – Week 3 This week I worked at reviving the ancient and hitherto lost martial art of fly swatting. The sport lost favour during the Pea Beau/Mortein era but, in recent times, there has been a call to bring it back. Supermarkets (last time I looked) are stocking swats. The beauty of […]

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Impressionism Tutorial

Lockdown at Gallery One

Day 1: Gallery One closure: early practice lock-down drill at Gallery One. Tick! Everything in the Gallery safe and secure. A whisker could not breach our defences! Went out to water the plants. Wind blew. Door shut. Locked itself. Let me draw you a new picture of Mitcham Village: the crows are loud and stroppy […]

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