Wende Dahl

Wende Dahl‘Truth is
I’m neil armstrong and space belongs to me
when I’m out there drawing all alone
it’s all just me and being free.’

Wende Dahl started drawing and painting figures and people in her teens at school then rediscovered that same passion for drawing life figures some 40 years later. “I work as much as I can from life: figures, flowers, landscape, still life. I like to be able to reach out to touch my subject.” Wende still does not see herself as an artist but rather as an eternal student of art. If someone talks about the artist in the room she looks around to see who the artist is even if she is the only possible candidate. Her passion for art extends to the written word. For Wende drawing and writing are symbiotic and each informs the other. Either or both are part of her daily life. Gallery One offers a refuge where drawing and painting is possible without the demands of routine intruding.

Image: Wende Dahl, photograph by Snezana Swarbrick