New exhibition – Eric Hudson

We are excited to introduce Eric Hudson as our next artist on exhibition at Pasadena Foodland.

Eric Hudson grew up in England, where as a young boy he was constantly drawing and painting and showed considerable artistic talent.

At the age of 36, he took up oil painting as a hobby, which was followed by 10 years as chairman of the local art club, Trustee for Life of the Friends of the Wakefield Art Galleries and Museums (Sir Henry Moore was President) and then some years as a Governor of the Harrogate International Music Festival.

In 1987, at his wife’s suggestion, he gave watercolours a ‘try’ and never went back to oils. When moving to Australia in 2005 Eric joined a painting group at Mitcham’s Gallery One and still spends his Wednesdays taking advantage of the Gallery’s ‘Open Studio’ facility.

Eric welcomes commissions.