Lockdown at Gallery One

Day 1: Gallery One closure: early practice lock-down drill at Gallery One.

Tick! Everything in the Gallery safe and secure. A whisker could not breach our defences!
Went out to water the plants. Wind blew. Door shut. Locked itself.

Let me draw you a new picture of Mitcham Village: the crows are loud and stroppy and
having a glorious time with sticks. COVID19 irrelevant. They are moved in, the grounds are
theirs and they are busy, chatty lords over this new universe. The Red Shed is silent. No-one
is rummaging through the e-waste bin and the Op Shop is as shut as it’s ever been. No cars
outside the History Centre. The church door is closed. There is me, my car and the streets
are as empty as I’ve ever seen them. “No worries!” I think. “I will call Gavin (Gallery One
Treasurer) as I can see his mobile number on the front desk……Damn (or a short word to
that effect.)”

and you have all beaten me to it and realised the problem!

A person wearing a fashionable coat wearing a respiratory mask sitting behind a pile of toilet paper.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

After approx 20 hours alone, Cassie, of Mitcham Council, arrives and saves me. Back in the
Gallery I am reunited with my phone, car keys, my cold coffee and the dirty wash cloths. I
lock up again and decide to avoid not buying any loo paper at Mitcham Shopping Centre and
go straight home. Energised by my newly realised freedom I wash the dirty cloths
immediately. It is, after all, a lovely, sunny day – good for drying.

Day 1 con’t. Lesson 2: I learn to felt.

Method: if you include the wool cloth/blanket, that sits underneath the cane washing
basket on top of the washing machine in order to stop that basket scratching the machine
top surface, with the Gallery towel washing – then set the machine cycle at 60c and douse
the load liberally with eucalyptus oil so as to challenge any bloody virus within cooee – then,
the said wool cloth will felt extremely well upon emerging clean and wet from the front
loader. I can highly recommend this now tried and true method.

On line Programme: Sanya & Robert will bring Gallery One followers a video on
Impressionism. I need to be impressed – sooner rather than later!

Stay well. Stay happy. Stay tuned for more Art and Craft adventures in real life.