Limericks Approach and Limericks Competition

Greetings Gallerians

This week

A friend and I came to the woeful realisation that we are afflicted with a severe case of the now common, Mush-Brain. To alleviate symptoms, we have taken to composing and sending each other limericks – well, about any/everything. While I will not go so far as to suggest limericks approach something like an anti-venom for Mush-Brain, they may however, go some way towards easing local environ-mental hazards.



So, in the current spirit of caring and sharing

I propose, sincerely, that readers forward their own anti-mushbrain limericks to the Gallery and we will publish, if the winner agrees, the said limerick in 2 weeks’ time. In the case of the said and adjudged winner failing to allow publication, in lieu, we will publish the worst limerick. (we may publish this anyway without identifying the author. Depends how xxx it is.)


The grand prize will be a packet of semi-organic, vegan, wholegrain, SA grown, bee pollinated, Italian, flat parsley in recognition of that country’s need of very many good vibes from us – alongside those we are already sending to France.



An example by mio/moi:

There once was a lad who drove fast

Gunned all of his gears and went past

Two cops having coffee

Who told him off, good and prop-ly,

And gave him a good kick up his parts.


Based on local events. some poetic licence. the police were possibly just thinking about coffee. Please note, specifically, I did not mention: custard-coloured pustules, arm-pit odour, ink, caps on backwards or chrome exhausts. No dangling hula dancers or spotty dogs with nodding heads. This competition is class – I have led the way.


Your entry could be about anything but a suggested first line could be:


There once was a president called Trump …or there once was a PM called Scott.


Go for it Gallerians!!!

The prize will be hidden securely, in a secret location, at the front of the Gallery in the plant box under the grey-leafed flannel flower plant. (LHS, facing south). no danger of contagion!


Simple guidelines:

  • five lines long
  • following rhyme scheme: AABBA
  • usually funny or silly
  • last line is usually the funniest
  • first, second, and fifth lines must have seven to ten syllables
  • third and fourth lines should only have five to seven syllables

Here is a link for syllable counting



I am not mentioning the video this week or someone will suggest it’s about me me me. Thank you Robert for your editing and I really hope, in the interim, you have made me appear much much slimmer. In further support of Italy and all Italians, you will observe I use my hands a lot when speaking. Normally they remain completely motionless at my side.


The Book Worm

the Louise Penney Crime Series


Philippa, has recommended (via the comment section of our previous post Glorious Autumn Weather) the Louise Penney crime series as a good, heart warming read. Set in Canada, the action usually takes place in Three Pines, a very small village. The village is populated by some quite unusual characters, including a half-deaf, cranky poet whose life companion is a duck. Penney also includes snippets of smart poetry, a joy to meet in a crime novel, and always appropriate. The whole series is terrific and deals with community and relationships as well as the odd murder or two.


If you like Louise Penney’s writing you may also enjoy Donna Leon’s crime series which is set in Venice or Barbara Nadel’s Inspector Cetin Ikmen books which are set in Istanbul. All three writers write on current social issues affecting their parts of the world. Donna Leon is particularly strong on the politics of Venice.


Ciao bella. Stay well, stay happy. I have had my flu shot and I hope you have had yours.


PSwe expect an enormous response to the limerick competition!!!


This week's video

_artist Wende Dahl talking about symbolism in her art


– well, broken into 2 because it was too long.




Play the video or watch it on YouTubePart One / Part Two