From SALA Website :"SALA in 2020 will be hosting digital participation and physical events which comply with physical distancing protocols. This means you can still host and register online exhibitions, digital artist talks and presentations or virtual tours and virtual open studios but physical venues must comply with State Government restrictions to be allowed to participate in SALA."

Gallery One will participate in 2020 SALA Exhibition

Dates 1-31 August 2020 Format of the exhibition TBA

SALA 2020 Registration form 

Registrations for SALA 2020 are extended  until 20 June

Exhibition Curator: Gerard Mignot

Timology is “A study or theory of value or excellence, especially of inherent rather than relative value.” So, what are your values in general? How important or useful value is? Do we need to set up new values in our modern society? Value is found in what we are willing to give in exchange for something.   Do we have enough time in today's world to do that? Are we too busy in looking after and at ourselves (narcissism)? In art what is your value in relation to colour, light and shade? What about losing our values? What does that mean to us as a community? Gerard Mignot IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR GALLERY ONE SALA EXHIBITION  2020
  • Registration for Gallery One Timology Exhibition is free  Gallery One is independent and self funded so your donations are welcomed
  • SALA 2020 exhibition will be an online exhibition so you will need to supply a good quality photograph of your submitted work
  • Image sizes (dimensions) max 2500px Rod is advising that we should keep image sizes (dimensions) at max 2500px for our site still loads fast enough for slow internet connections
  • Please bear in mind that situation is changing rapidly. Gallery One is and will  comply with State Government restrictions

Exhibition 20 March - 9 April

Exhibition Curator: Dieter Engler

Opening Night 20 March at 6 pm-Postponed, date TBA

Artist in Residence Chef Sam Prance-Smith Sam is a talented, SA born and bred chef who traveled the world and worked as a chef in restaurants like Star of Greece, Attica, Cutler and Co, Brooks of Melbourne to make a full circle and settle in Stirling where he grew up.Sam is passionate about sustainability and he would like to create a unique but inviting experience for his guests. See Sam at the Life@Death Exhibition opening and also at sustainable and ethical fish and chippery in Sterling  

Mozart - Requiem in D minor

Watch Dieter Engler talking about Life@Death 2020 Theme : Requiem Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Thank you to our ongoing Life@Death Sponsor Alfred James & Sons Pty Ltd  who supported us again this year. Life@death 2020 – ReQuiem Artists are invited to contribute to our 2020 Life@death exhibition. The theme we will be exploring is “ReQuiem”. Traditionally a requiem is a mass for a dead person, but it may be more commonly associated with it’s musical form, a sung mass for the dead. Faure’s requiem and Mozart’s requiem are well known. The word comes from the latin “quiem” meaning to rest or be at peace, and “re” meaning “again”. So requiem is to “rest again”. It is the ‘again’ part of the word that is intriguing and gives a requiem it’s special flavour. It is not just something said or done at death but it is a coming to terms with death and loss. What might we need to come to terms with in regards to our experiences of death and loss – personally and socially? And how can we come to terms with death and loss? It is said that in 1483 Count Werner of Zimmern had 1000 requiems said for him. In one way a requiem is that struggle to make sense of what has happened, to analyse it, to celebrate or mourn it, but always with the aim of bringing our loss to rest. Importantly it is a remembering or reflecting on death rather than a forgetting or denial. This year I will be doing some reflecting on this theme via vlogs which will be available through Gallery One’s website. However you get involved in the Life@death process, you are encouraged to contribute either a new or an old work to the 2020 exhibition that will help us reflect and come to terms with our losses and deaths, whatever they may be. Dieter Engler

Coastal Road 2001 solar plate etching

EXHIBITION 31 January - 13 March 2020

Dieter Engler Biography

BORN: 1958 Berlin STUDIES:
  • 1976-78 Secondary Education Art Diploma, Torrens CAE.
Painting under Ron Bell and Geoffrey Harris. Printmaking under Peter Schultz and Barbara Hanrahan.
  • 1979 Diploma of Teaching
AWARDS: 1983 Commendation Mid-North Art Awards. 1988 Commendation, Clare Valley Easter Exhibition. 1993 Winner, Kernewek Lowender Art Prize. EXHIBITING HISTORY: 18 Solo Exhibitions plus numerous Group Exhibitions in Australia,New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, and Japan COLLECTIONS: The Benedictine Community of New Norcia, WA Federal Law Courts, Adelaide. Petronas collection, Kuala Lumpur SABHS collection, Adelaide Pro Hart Collection, Broken Hill BIBLIOGRAPHY: “The Refining Fire”, Dawn Mendham, Albatross Books, 1987 “Printmaking in the Sun”, Dan Welden and Pauline Muir, Watson- Guptill Publications, 2001 “Open Borders, Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale, 2004, Heritage Exhibition”, John Neylon, Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Inc. 2004   Dieter Engler’s lexicon of forms is derived from his close observation of the interaction of the built environment with the landscape.  When reconfigured, the elements of rooftops, churches, houses, electricity poles, trees and winding roads create the visual uniqueness of country sites.  Engler rearranges his motifs to create numerous variations upon themes ranging from the South Australian coast to the Western Australian outback and beyond.  Like Italian artist and printmaker Giorgio Morandi, Engler uses his simplified yet sophisticated alphabet of shapes, lines and graphic qualities to explore philosophic ideas and memories of place.  He works simultaneously on drawings, paintings and prints in a search for a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological content inherent in the images.  Engler’s enigmatic works are tangible reflections of time and space. Engler’s depictions of country towns, farms, old roads, jetties and glimpses of sea evoke quiet, contemplative places.  The viewer is invited to dwell for a while and explore these usually empty sites; to become the figure in the landscape.  At times a road or path welcomes the reader of these images to enter, wander around the built structures, imagine, or be the author of their own memories associated with place.  Engler views the landscape as a means to explore ideas and innovate within the mediums of drawing, painting and printmaking; traditions in which he believes ‘not all has been said.’ In 1959 Engler came as a small child with his parents from Berlin to settle in the Adelaide Hills.  He grew up feeling outside of the predominant Australian culture of the time and became an observer, an artist who constructs his own realities from the deconstruction of his environment.  Reality is not reproduced but recreated by Engler in a constant interchange of shapes and counter-shapes.  His work questions traditional realist representation but at the same time is nourished by observation. The ambiguity inherent in image making first fascinated Engler, when as a young boy he was introduced to art through the reproductions of landscapes by the South Australian painter Hans Heysen.  He remembers the excitement of first realising that the illusion of a tree could be viewed simultaneously as daubs of paint on a surface. Realism and abstraction co-exist in Engler’s work.  A hill can equally be read as a tactile surface of vermilion paint scumbled over umber.  A house can be interpreted as a person viewing the world through the restriction of small windows.  Duality occurs in many aspects of his work.  Engler constructs images of real and synthesised Australian places, or perhaps they are evocations of the European villages of the artist’s ancestors. Engler’s experience of subject matter is totally related to the means and materials of visual representation, a quality he has always admired in the work of French artist and printmaker, Henri Matisse.  Similarly, he usually develops images in a series where his processes of working and reworking are evident.  By manipulating and combining oilpaint, watercolour, printmaking and collage techniques, Engler internalises and transforms the material landscape.  Drawing is central to all of his work and the use of transparent film as a support allows flexibility to record, layer and invent in a variety of graphic media.  Final drawings are exposed and developed on light sensitive photopolymer plates. The resulting ‘solarplate’ etchings imbue the initial drawings with a darker abstract quality as seen in Murchison Gorge Landscape V.  The etched plates also provide a matrix to develop several versions or trial prints of the same subject.  Transparent watercolour paint is frequently fused with printmaking to extend ideas and create unique states as well as multiple copies, notable in the Coast Road series. Engler’s paintings and prints sometimes evolve over a couple of years and even after they are finished the gradual process of understanding the imagery continues for both the artist and the viewer.  Engler’s works reveal their content slowly and quietly within a world often preoccupied with transience, instant images and superficiality.   Judith Bruton Printmaker / artist and former lecturer, South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia. Currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Art and Design, Monash University
Exhibition 29nd November - 12th  December Curator Diana Ring Awards Night 6th  December @ 6 pm All Gallery One Students, Participants and Members are invited to submit their art/craft works created this year for our end of year exhibition. On the 6th December , at the Awards Night,  we will celebrate our achievements this year and small prizes will be awarded for each of 10 categories as well as the overall prize, student prize, people's choice prize and novices awards. Exhibition fees :$0, just bring a plate to share for Awards Night. Registration Form Award Categories 

PHOENIX 2019 Exhibition

15-22 November Opening Night 15 November @ 6pm

Unley High School Jazz band


Budding local talent , senior art students from Unley High School are exhibiting their work @ Gallery One since 2012. It is always a pleasure to see their work and support up and coming young artists. 


A Night of Fine Art, Music,Food and Wine

Saturday 9 November 2019

@ 5.30 for 6.00pm


  • Mitcham Art Prize 2019 Winners Announcement

    Mitcham Art Prize 2015

  • Wine Auction -labels created by Ian Lapthorne
  • Door Prize
  • Raffle
  • Cigar Box Lids Silent Auction by Artists:
Diana Bradshaw, Wende Dahl, Dieter Engler, Syd La Faber Ian Lapthorne Robert Zunic

Cigar Box Lids Mitcham Art Prize 2019

LIVE MUSIC by Les Gitans Blancs, Gypsy Jazz Trio Eric Hudson, Piano


Saturday 31st August at 1pm - 4pm. Free. GalleryOne Mitcham.

Bring along your young ones aged 5+ and our artists will help them their ones little masterpieces. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Materials provided.

Please register your interest through:

Artist Talks Saturday 24 August at 2pm. Free. Gallery One, Mitcham. Take this opportunity to hear some of the artist talk about their work and their involvement  in the 'Croatian Connections'. Please register your interest through:
CROATIAN CONNECTIONS Gallery One, Mitcham, South Australia 24 August - 13 September Tuesday - Sunday 10 am- 4.30 pm

This group exhibition will bring together thirteen artists who have a cultural affiliation with Croatia. Within this common background, each artist has an individual perception of their personal identity and has developed a unique form of expression through their respective art practice. Artworks presented will feature diverse media including painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media and collage. This exhibition will offer a unique opportunity to reflect on what it is to live in a multicultural Australian society today.

Presented as part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) Everyone Welcome FEATURED ARTISTS

Marijan Bekic

Julia Bilecki

Maya Kolega

Rick Kolega

Mariana Mezic

Steve Potocnik

Katherine Samarzia

Ivo Tadic

Glenys Yakas

Goran Yakas

Adam Zaknic

Robert Zunic

Richard Maurovic (represented by Hill Smith Gallery)

Generously supported by:

The Croatian Community Council of South Australia

The City of Mitcham

Art & Frame (273 Unley Rd, Malvern)

Tomich Wines

Registrations for SALA 2019

CALL FOR ENTRIES : Gallery One invites all artists – painters, photographers, drawers – to contemplate….

‘LOOK BETWEEN THE LINES...’ : SALA 2019 at Gallery One,

Closing date for registration : Wednesday 1st May : Download application here:

  - CURATOR: Diana Bradshaw (left) Lines express comfort and ease, distance and calm, height and strength and turmoil and anxiety. Combined in a drawing, we compose the personal energy and mood, rigid control that leads the eye in certain directions, the ephemeral or the insubstantial and the strength and its delicacy to express a composition. In a drawing we begin; we paint, sculpture, texture and print with a variety of medium and colours, and so our journey continues to look between the lines for horizons, perspectives, boundaries, tones and shapes; and so we create and explore! - CURATOR: Rajpal Dayan  

List of 2019 SALA Awards

Credit Union SA School Awards - for South Australian Primary Schools and Secondary Schools

The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award

The City Rural Emerging Artist Award

The Don Dunstan Foundation Award

City of Unley Active Ageing Award

Atkins Photo Lab Award

Centre for Creative Photography Latent Image Award

4th Biennial RSASA / SALA Portrait Prize Exhibition

City of Onkaparinga Contemporary Curator Award

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All accepted artists will be registered for SALA through Gallery One. Upon registration, all exhibiting artists will be supplied with exhibition number – required if you want to register for any SALA awards



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