From SALA Website :"SALA in 2020 will be hosting digital participation and physical events which comply with physical distancing protocols. This means you can still host and register online exhibitions, digital artist talks and presentations or virtual tours and virtual open studios but physical venues must comply with State Government restrictions to be allowed to participate in SALA."

Gallery One will participate in 2020 SALA Exhibition

Dates 1-31 August 2020 Format of the exhibition TBA

SALA 2020 Registration form 

Registrations for SALA 2020 are extended  until 20 June

Exhibition Curator: Gerard Mignot

Timology is “A study or theory of value or excellence, especially of inherent rather than relative value.” So, what are your values in general? How important or useful value is? Do we need to set up new values in our modern society? Value is found in what we are willing to give in exchange for something.   Do we have enough time in today's world to do that? Are we too busy in looking after and at ourselves (narcissism)? In art what is your value in relation to colour, light and shade? What about losing our values? What does that mean to us as a community? Gerard Mignot IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR GALLERY ONE SALA EXHIBITION  2020
  • Registration for Gallery One Timology Exhibition is free  Gallery One is independent and self funded so your donations are welcomed
  • SALA 2020 exhibition will be an online exhibition so you will need to supply a good quality photograph of your submitted work
  • Image sizes (dimensions) max 2500px Rod is advising that we should keep image sizes (dimensions) at max 2500px for our site still loads fast enough for slow internet connections
  • Please bear in mind that situation is changing rapidly. Gallery One is and will  comply with State Government restrictions