Aleksandra Kucanski-Durmanovic

Self portrait

Self portrait

Aleksandra Kucanski-Durmanovic was born in 1961 in ex-Yugoslavia. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and worked as a teacher of Visual Art and Art History since completing her studies until emigrating to Australia. During the Bosnian war she organized and conducted art groups for young people for a number of years, and, as part of the German humanitarian organisation, Vive Zene, worked as an Art Therapist with victims of the war.

Aleksandra is an accomplished fine artist and currently produces works mostly in the mediums of oil and watercolour, based on portraits and genre scenes where the human figure dominates. She is particularly inspired by Paris, its people, and its streetscapes.

Together with painting, she has for many years now been dedicating her time to making unique and artistically-designed scarves made of natural materials (wool, silk, cotton, and lace), made with the ancient technique called felt-making, or felting. They are available for purchase from Gallery One.

Aleksandra’s works are held in various private collections, and she welcomes commissions.