Artist Diaries Exhibition

Dear Diary,

An Artist Diary depicts
our imagination and plans
to write, colour, paint, texture, weave and sculpture
to my hearts desires.
A creation is conceived…

An Artist Diary records
our impression of landscapes, portraits,
still life and sculptures
in traditional and modern style.

Concepts, we record;
Sketches, we perceive;
Drawings, we capture;
And foundations of a creation, we inspire;
We have no boundaries because an Artist Diary,
we are to be creative and wild…

An Artist Diary captures
our creativity, thoughts and desires.
An artist is born…

A collection of Artist Diaries here,
presents this exhibition.
– Written by Rajpal Dayan

Artists’ Diaries

Wende Dahl-Ian


Guarna-Robert Zunic

Syd LaFaber

are showing their diaries…

thoughts,colors, shapes, forms, lines, concepts…

that precede an artwork.

Peer Studios

Alicia Hanley
Synthetic Symptoms and Place Meant
Solomon Sukamar
Pussyfoot Life

Blue Ribbon Exhibition

Harvey Collins

Miriam Ferrall

Don Lock

Brooke Walker
Last year’s Mitcham Art Prize Winners and

Highly Commended artist are showing their work

at Gallery One from 31 May -30 June

TWISTED-a yarn festival for creatives

30 June 2019
10 am – 3 pm


Gallery One will have a stall for members-contact Sanya on
8272 4504 or email if interested
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weaving, knitting and crochet,felting,

macramé, dyeing tea cosy competition
plus more

yarn and crafts

for sale Contact:
Lianne M 0431 297 258
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