‘Mindfields’ a retrospective exhibition by Chris White

Chris White – ‘Mindfields’ is the first exhibition by a life-long left union and political activist; and a long-time artist. The title of this exhibition is a play on the words ‘mind’ and ‘minefields’. It is a retrospective of paintings over a 25 year period with the focus falling squarely on some of Chris’ more political works.

The retrospective was curated by Russell Starke and includes paintings from the past quarter of a century, covering different political times. Chris brings a raw and primitive energy to his work by employing a wide range of styles, brush strokes and colours: this is his mind at work. Chris ‘paintings are practices in using colour. Chris has also adapted well-known paintings and reinterpreted them in contemporary society

Some of the works selected for this showing are not easily approached. Primary colours dominate, dance and happily clash and wheel to create tension, emotion and message. They challenge to make their public take a hard look and to ask you to have a long think about their messages. You will be thinking about them long after you have left them behind.

Chris has a blog: topics covered in his paintings are discussed at length on chriswhiteonline.org

Wende Dahl


Mindfields is showing live at Gallery One from November 24th to December 15th 2017.


Gallery One is proud to present these works as our inaugural online exhibition. 

All works are for sale. Please contact Sanya on (08) 8272 4504 about pricing.

The copyright and perpetual right to reproduce any images of this art work for any purpose whatsoever remains as the sole property of the artist Chris White.